Do You Need a Will?


Is your will up to date?

Last Will and Testament


Of course you need a Will, you know that you do. If you don’t, the State of Georgia will make one for you. It may not be what you want.

Georgia rules of descent and distribution will determine whom your inheriting heirs are and what shares of your property they will receive. In addition, without a Will, you do not get to choose the persons who will administer your estate.

What information should be involved in a Will? Funeral arrangements and disposition of your body may be included. Instructions should be included as to the distribution of your assets and property. This can include requests as to specific bequests that is individual gifts of property or money, as well as distribution of the residue and remainder of your estate.

If you have minor children, a guardian and a back-up guardian should be named in order to act as parents and raise minor children to the age of majority. A trustee should be named over the property of children, as well as describing the powers of the trustee.

You should name an executor and back-up executor of your estate in order to have the Will probated, or proven as valid, and to manage your estate, including paying debts and expenses of the estate, establishing any trusts created in your Will, and distribution property and assets as divided by the Will.




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